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Based 23.03.2006 (certificate No. 7431)

Jack Russell Terrier: a dog for life

Hello, dear like-minded dog lovers! Looking for a devotional, fun, healthy and handsome dog who is pleasant to caress and stroke, which can be and play from the heart, and go on the hunt, a small but strong "body and spirit", able to stand up for themselves and for the owner?

So here it is, found!

Meet if haven't met before the Jack Russell Terrier. The first dog of this breed I've been waiting for brought her from Moscow. Even in our Capital, it was a rarity. It happened almost ten years ago; then about the Jack Russell Terriers in Novosibirsk are generally very few people knew. Brought, and soon fell in love with this dog. Since then, for me, the Jack Russell Terrier is the best breed in the world. Why? I will try to explain in order.

Originally the breed was developed in the late 18th century by English clergyman Jack Russell and was intended mainly for hunting burrowing animals. However, the modern Jack Russell Terrier is not the only hunter. In fact, it is a universal dog, meet "dog" to people. In other words, she is able each person to give what you need for him! I know this firsthand, because we live in the house, six of these dogs from "puppy young" to the dogs "retired" (by the way, to this day happy and cheerful, in spite of 10 years of age); in addition, I also try to maintain contacts with people who purchased my puppies.

Having such a great experience of living together with Jack Russell Terriers, it's hard not to notice their obvious advantages.

They are very well able to adapt to the innkeeper for his character, temperament, habits. But it does not get infected for a long time sadness, remaining mostly cheerful, cheerful. Bored with the Jack Russell Terrier you just do not have. However, he is not overly exhausting active, which allows this breed of dog lives harmoniously including older people, pensioners.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a true companion dog. This can be in the campaign to take on a ski trip – she's resilient, optimistic and will not cause problems, but the good mood will bring in abundance, with all my heart rejoicing for such a long and interesting walk with the beloved master.

Yes, it was with a loved. The Jack Russell Terrier is very loyal to his master. Check for yourself and many other people: this dog will love you sincerely and selflessly, pleasing wit, fun agility, and bravery.

It is important that the Jack Russell Terrier is a small, compact dog that does not require much space. With him to live comfortably in a country cottage, and the small-sized city apartment, it is easy to take along in car travel, etc. But it has nothing to do with small and rickety "sofa" dogs, which can easily break their thin legs, just fell out of bed. No, the Jack Russell Terrier is not so! It's strong. "solid" the dog; small but capable, if necessary, to stand up for themselves, to play in plenty, hunting be useful, and at the exhibition to amaze the jury with their skills, poise, and article, gathered a good harvest of medals.

Another plus: dogs of this breed have a stable, good health. The only caveat – I do not advise to feed your Jack Russell food with "human" table. Not all that good for us humans, is just as beneficial for a dog's stomach. Periodically feeding the dog half-eaten by you, you risk provoking a Jack Russell Terrier allergies or intestinal distress. My experience: best for food animal use of special dog food.

Jack Russell Terrier responds well to training. But in fairness to add, that perfect obedience, such as, say, a sheepdog, the Jack Russell Terrier you are unlikely to achieve. Some things it will still afford it – for example, to drive tarried on the way a cat. Such a character! This is a rare negative, is quite small. But I can't be silent about it because my principle is to be absolutely honest with buyers. Well, I want to introduce you to the living creature for which you may take responsibility for the next few years. The choice should be calm, balanced and carefully thought through.

Please note: we, as breeders, the sale provide all the necessary documents for the pups, confirming the purity of the breed and thereby ensure that items purchased from us, the dog will have the exterior, which is typical for this breed, will have the appropriate physique and health.

Do not believe a word salespeople implement puppies without papers! Because there is no reason that would make a good breeder to neglect the documentary part of his work after all the paperwork is uncomplicated and not the time-consuming process. And because of all the assurances of that before you - "a purebred puppy Jack Russell Terrier" and that "paper is just a forgotten issue, and to the exhibition, the dog is not taken because there was no time" - most often a basic lie. Most likely, the owners of the puppy are well aware that their litter is invalid for breed defects; they well remember how I saved on the binding, using the "services" are not a purebred dog, etc.

You have to understand: buying a puppy without supporting documentation, which clearly spelled out his pedigree, etc., you risk to grow not quite a dog he expected to receive. Or no such. Because with age the puppies can vary greatly. So in the best case, you get an adult dog that resembles a Jack Russell Terrier, but in fact, it is not.

Choose the true Jack Russell Terrier. Each must be real.

Natalia Ageeva

In the filming of a video for the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region, adopted by a dog from our kennel: CULPRIT DOLORES TU WINES